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Business Leaders

I help organizations, business owners, boards of directors, entrepreneurs, CXOs, to survive and dominate in this new economy, improving their market value, increasing their sales, maximizing their ROI and their income, reaching new markets, reducing costs and helping to your teams change their mindset.

IT Leaders

I help CIOs, Project Managers, Developers, Architects, Designers and IT Leaders to position themselves as digital advisors, helping them change the conversation with the business, changing their mindset, building solid business cases that really impact their organizations.

Leaders like YOU

I help leaders like you to seek and find your meaning, your legacy, achieving exponential results on a professional and personal level, surviving and dominating the current conditions of global reality, moving your life to a level not imagined.


I am mastering my business, professional, and personal transformation achieving massive success so that companies and people can master their digital transformation too.

With more than 32 years of professional career as a senior consultant,senior enterprise architect, e-business solution advisor, omnichannel strategist, certified leads consultant, change management expert and clinical hypnotherapist, I live my purpose as a COACH for business, professional, and personal transformation today.

Thanks to the successes, failures, lessons learned, overcoming extortion by the Colombian guerrilla that led me to bankruptcy .  I was forced to reinvent myself in a foreigh country, to unlearn my technical skills towards soft skills such as leadership, coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, ho´oponopono among others.

Thanks to that transformationI was able to work with more than 2000 clients in the world in their leadership and digital transformation.

Today my duty as a professional is not to sell smoke, it is to be your partner as a COACH and think about results.

For this reason, I participate as a facilitator in companies seeking that we are all on the same page (AWARENESS) to then validate where we are and where we want to be realistically (DIVE IMMERSION) and plan in an actionable way to get early victories that allow us to acieve massive results (INTERVENTION).

Author of the Leadership Blueprint for the Digital Age as a compilation of my work with more than 2000 clients worldwide and more than 3,200 conferences in 32 countries and 4 continents.

International Keynote Speaker

More than 3.200 trainings and workshops worldwide

Spiritual Digital Coach, Leader and Marketer

Certified as Social Leads Consultant, E-business solution Advisor, Togaf Practitioner, Certified Basic Holistic Marketer, Certified Spiritual Wealth Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Organizational, Professional and Personal Transformation Coach.

Certified Basic Holistic Marketer

Certified Spiritual Wealth Practitioner

Certified Ho´oponopono Practitioner

Digital Leadership

- Get new prospects and clients under the conditions of the new economy. 

- Discard inappropriate opportunities and markets.

- Design exponential business models.

- Apply Marketing based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

- Re-invent the ideal journey of the Customer or Citizen Experience.

- Lead remote worker models.

How long will your company survive in the middle of a crisis?
As a digital leadership coach, I am focused on helping you go from the present to the future with digital models.

Schedule an strategy call with me!!

In 45 minutes call I can give you a big breakthrough win your life with a simple conversation.  I can help you to get incredible results in your life.  Lets do a in impactful conversation.

Are you really to discover your inner passion? your legacy? Do you like to impact co workers, colleagues, team-mates and family members by transforming and healing yourself first.

Life is about having the freedom and the energy to get whatever you want whenever you want it. It´s about service, purpose and legacy. 


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